ATAPI errors with Aopen 48x12x50

Hey, I’ve gone and purchased an Aopen 48x12x50 in a fit of insanity. It worked for a few months but now I am having trouble with it. Me and half the planet, right? :a

My main problem is I’d go to burn (using Nero) and all of a sudden my burner would be unresponsive. I am running Win2K Professional and looked it up in the Event Viewer. The error message I kept getting was, “The device did not respond within the timeout period.” I would restart my computer and it would be fine again for a while.

But then it started happening all the time, even when I wasn’t burning, just using the drive for reading. Event Viewer was logging these ATAPI errors every 20 seconds.

From what everyone has been saying here, I figured it couldn’t hurt to upgrade the firmware, which I tried - but was told it couldn’t find the ATAPI file. Now burner is completely unresponsive.

I haven’t had any trouble with any of the other IDE devices I’m using.

Besides throwing my burner off a cliff, what else can I try??

It’s possible it could be a bad cable, though not that likely unless you were messing around in the machine and abusing the cable when this all started… Most likely the drive is just shot. The timeout errors are likely occurring even without any access because the auto insert notification keeps polling the drive to see if a CD is inserted, and the drive isn’t responding…