Atapi dvd drive won't open

I have a new packard bell computer (running Win 7) and the DVD drive is ATAPI (according to the bit I looked up in the properties!). I’m not awfully computer literate - one of the Silver Surfers!!
I tried the paper-clip trick but as the drive is buried inside a door and as the tray only came out about 1/2" I couldn’t get hold of it. At first it worked by shooting in and out very quickly and I had to grab it to get a disc in or out, but now it won’t open at all. There is no disc in it at present (I don’t think!!).
Many thanks for any advise. Pollyanna

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Usually on the front panel of a burner there is a little hole. Insert there a needle pressing slightly. This should unlock the tray :slight_smile:

Here are two things to try:
In Windows Explorer(My Computer) right click on the DVD drive.
In the list that comes up there should be Eject. Click or double click on Eject.
If you have no luck there try the paper clip in the small hole again.With the computer off.That way the drawer won’t retract back in.It probably will when you start the computer but that should get it open to see if it has a stuck disc inside.
Use as large a paper clip as will fit.Take some small pliers or vise grips to hold the clip so you can push it in harder.

[QUOTE=geno888;2471171]Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Usually on the front panel of a burner there is a little hole. Insert there a needle pressing slightly. This should unlock the tray :)[/QUOTE]

If you read my original message, this was the first thing I tried, but the ‘door’ is behind a panel and when I did it, the drawer only came out about 1/2" - not far enough to get a hold of.
Thanks for answering anyway! Pollyanna

Thank you Cholla.
The Eject option opened the drawer (no disc inside!) and I had to push hard to close it and the cd I tried (and old one) did work -eventually!!
It seems a rather laborious way to open the drawer each time, but will certainly help until I can get it fixed. Will it hurt to push it hard to shut it? Normally pressing the button was how I shut the drawer, not push the drawer!!
Also tried the paperclip with computer turned off, but it still only came out a tiny way then went into a sulk and stayed there until I turned the computer back on.
Many thanks for the help. I just hope there is a permanent solution so I don’t break it pushing it in each time!!

Hi Pollyanna, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I think the only permanent solution maybe to replace the drive or get it replaced - hopefully the PC is still under warranty and this can be done at no cost to you.

pollyanna ,
The pushing harder I posted was for pushing the paper clip harder not the drawer.
I only push the drawer if the button will not close it.
My guess is either the cable to the drive has gooten loose & needs to be pluged in better.
If it was not a new computer I would think the open/close button might have gotten worn.
If it is still under warranty I would have it warrantied.
I’m going to suggest this for a work around for the time being.
Install a software ImgBurn it’s freeware.
Then using it’s 'Mode" pulldown or just use the "Write file to disc button.
In that window under your destination DVD drive you will see two small green arrows.
One pointing up the other down.
These are this programs Eject & Close buttons.They should open & especially close the drawer for you.
I know it is some extra trouble to open a program to open & close the DVD drive drawer but this should be easier on the drawer .
It might even loosen it after a while of using it this way.
I would still check into the warranty .

An easier software solution would be:

Thanks so much everyone. It is certainly still under warranty - only got it from PC World (big mistake - I know now) on 11th Nov. Have had nothing but aggro from them, after trying for ages to get though to anyone helpful. They were supposed to order a new drive, but when I rang back a week later, no drive had appeared. Bet they didn’t bother to order it.

Upshot is that an engineer is coming on SUNDAY and if he can’t fix it, they need to take the computer away. I have refused this as I need it to live - my disability means I need it for everything from shopping to prescription ordering to keeping in touch with friends and my 89 year old mother in Australia. I just can’t be without it, so if they can’t fix it, I will demand a new computer (can they change the hard drive over?)

Is there anything I can do myself to check if the cable is loose or will the engineer need to do that? I have ordered, from Amazon, an external drive in case they can’t fix it and will also try the software recommended. I would like 2 drives anyway as that is what I’ve always had.
Many thanks again - this is a brilliant forum! Pollyanna

I have a feeling there’s a seal (just like a sticky label thingy) on the PC so they can tell if you’ve opened the casing (and thus voided your warranty) - which you’d have to do to check the cable connections to the drive.

Since they’ve given you a lot of bother on the phone and so on, replacing it yourself (the DVD drive) is worth considering - it would void any warranty on the PC though.

Having said that. I think an external drive is an excellent idea, saves you opening the casing and possibly voiding the warranty on the PC. :iagree:

I have a couple of external DVD drives and they’re very handy to have. If you get a new PC, for example…just connect the drive to the new one with minimum fuss (unlike opening the casing and replacing an internal drive). :slight_smile:

I never try to deal with tech support for stuff like PCs. I just ask here instead if there’s something I’m not sure about :bigsmile:…plus there’s no chance I’d let any of my PCs out of my house for repairs either. :wink:

When the external drive arrives, I might well be back to find out how to connect it if the instructions aren’t clear. I didn’t dare open the casing in case they knew I’d fiddled with it - so glad I didn’t now!! :slight_smile:
I’ll wait until the engineer has been before trying anything else, but will download the software recommended if he can’t do anything. At least I now know it WILL open !!
Thanks again, Pollyanna

Good luck, keep us posted how you get on :slight_smile:

I would wait to see how the engineer does.
Like Arachne posted there may be a seal on the PC that would viod the warranty if you break it before the warranty is up.
So let the engineer break it.I assume he is from PC World or is their service agent in your area.
Once he breakes the seal he probably won’t put another one on the PC.He probably doesn’t even have one to replace the broken one with.
So if there isn’t a new seal then you can just show the record that their engineer broke the seal & didn’t put a new one back on.
If they need to take your computer then they should be able to give you a loaner to use .ASK for a loaner.
Yes they should be able to change the hard drive over or clone it & put the data on the new one.