Atapi dvd dd firmware

i currantly have atapi dvd dd firmware (g7p9) on my dvd writer but it suddenly wont burn dvd-r or cd’s anymore.can anyone help with this or tell me how i can upgrade this firmware.


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Have you tryied to install your drive on a different computer to exclude a software problem? What drive is exactly? You can find exact model with cd-dvd speed.

Updating firmware cannot magically fix such things.

Either it’s software/driver related or strictly hardware.
To find out which one, connect and test the drive ion another computer.


That should be the retail version of the benq 1620. Also known as a rebadged benq 1620.

The most up to date fw for that drive,that I am aware of is: G7W9 I believe.

If using windows xp:

Go into device manager under dvd/cd rom drives.Open the tree/Locate that burner-and take note of what it tells you. Then double click that drive/click driver tab/uninstall/and reboot.

Sometimes a drive can get lost,and this uninstall-reboot will get it recognized.

When you open up the tree for dvd/cdrom drive and double click your burner: You may get a generic code like 8x16x8x16 dvd-rw or something like that.That for sure will tell you if it’s a rebadged/retail version of the benq 1620. Then you can go to the dvd-rw drives forum under philips/benq drives for firmware advice.