ATAPI DVD DD 2x16x4x16

I just purchased a Benq DW1620(might be OEM drive). After I installed it, windows XP detects it as a ATAPI DVD DD 2x16x4x16 drive. Nero Info also reports it the same. The firmware version is showing G7L9. The disk came with no drivers. Is this correct?

Yes this is typical. You could flash it to G7P9 (generally considered better then G7L9), burn a few disks and if you want to cross flash it to the retail firmware by using windflsh and a B series firmware in cvt format.

cross flashing tools and all serveral firmware …

yes and if you want you could cross flash the drive to the “B” firmware. download the windwexe.file and B7P9 cvt file from this site:
make sure there is no media in the drive, turn off your antivirus software and any other programs running in the background. then you can either flash the drive in windows or in safe mode.

Thanks for the information.

sorry for bring this thread alive again but none of these links work and i need to update the drivers on this drive it says the rev. G7C9 so i need to know if this is an old firmware or can i update it?

ADDED:this is a atapi dvd dd 2x16x4x16 with a ( rev. G7C9) and many ppl say its a Benq DW1620 . i need to update this driver to the latest version i tried using a link on the benq pages on this fourm the link i used said that drive not supported… any help greatly apriciated

hi guys i have this atapi dvd dd 2x16x4x16 with a ( rev. G7C9) and many ppl say its a Benq DW1620 . i need to update this driver to the latest version of firmware i tried using this first link but it says drive not supported… any help greatly apriciated

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that link says my drive is not supported and i need help on updaing the driver it it doesnt have the Benq Badge on the front bezyle but i remember on the top of the drive i used to say someting like tht. but i need help updating it

BenQ crossflashing, see the FAQ specifically here:

See my reply in the other thread

i read so far to the point of the ben q firmware global page but from there now what? since i tried benq so then its a phillps? please someone help me …

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To flash your atapi dvd dd 2x16x4x16 to a BenQ you can use BQFlasher.

i apriciate it all help but im confused with the crossing flashing ? i dont want to break the dvd drive but i would like to update it properly what do i use?

Your drive is an OEM Benq 1620.
You have two choices:
1- you upgrade to the latest 1620 OEM firmware G7V9

2- you crossflash your OEM drive into a true Benq drive using the tool ZEVIA just gave you and the latest retail Benq 1620 firmware B7W9

If you chose to crossflash (which is what any one here did!!!) you loose your warranty … but your drive will be seen as a true Benq by your computer, and not as an ATAPI drive

Make your choice, I can’t help your for that!

wow thanks for the reply , ok well as far as the warranty goes ? staples does not check these drives they just give you a gift card for what you paid so i dont care as far as the warranty, now i dont care if it says benq or atapi BUT what i do care is that my drive benefits from the firmware update… so which one gives you better media reading better spd burning better realibity???

ill go the easy route then from there ill switch brand so how do i get the easy firmware ?

oh and links are ALL dead cuz its all white noting downloads

Just tried it!!! all the links are good!!!

lol now the links work :stuck_out_tongue: anyways i think i ended up updating with g7v9 ill have to turn on that pc and veify that , i also have a dvdrw ide 16x , its a i belive a i/o magic is their any newer firmware then A07F? fianly i think i got the latest firmware for jlms dvd-rom XJ-HD166 and the firmware is firmware version DD06

DD06 is the latest firmware for the DELL OEM drives!!!
The latest firmware for the JLMS HD166S is DS01: