Atapi dvd a dh16aal

:sad:I bought a new HP recently.
I noticed my Taiyo Yuden cdrs some had skips, there was one where it was blank for 4 secconds with a song, :eek:, never had a problme with my old Sony

Should i somehow get the seal off without breaking it, to void the warrany and put a new drive

What speed are you burning the discs at?

For audio I usually use 16x - although my own LiteOn isn’t the best CDR burner either 16x usually is good enough :slight_smile:

Thanks Arachne :slight_smile: I used 16x speed also, the lowest speed i can.

I do have a very old external Kodak burner, max burn speed is 4x, not sure if it works even lol wasps made a nest in the fan vent :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, since you’re using the best discs already, and burning at 16x, the last resort before voiding your warranty (or maybe getting a new external drive?), would be to try different software to see if that makes the difference. :slight_smile:

You don’t say what software you’re currently using, but for burning audio CDs from music files, Burrrn might be worth a quick go. :slight_smile:

ROTFL @ the wasps’ nest…that’s a new one on me :bigsmile:

where i buy my Taiyos, says up to 54X speed, so cant be them :slight_smile:
Using a hot Nero9 lolz to burn atm. DVDs no problems with the burner.
I wrote to dee ages ago, dee sugguested a sony burner, if all fails will go for that :slight_smile: who cares about the warranty lolz i will just take care removing the labels :smiley:

Thanks will try Burn ago :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
Other considerations are background PC activities, plus HDD fragmented.
For the defrag part try iobits SmartDefrag (free version).
As for programs running in the background.
Windows Task Manager might help.

Edit: In reponse to your last post Sony is mainly Lite-On rebadges.
What you already have is a Lite-On rebadge.

Hi :slight_smile:
Thanks Zebadee
Its a new pc, so maybe doesnt need defrag but i can check task mangager to see, what is wrong, onh i dindt know that LiteOn are like Sony also

Arachnne :slight_smile:
Burnn software came with some errors :stuck_out_tongue:
ERROR: Cannot set write parameters mode page.
Turning BURN-Proof on
Turning BURN-Proof on
ERROR: Cannot set write parameters mode page.
ERROR: Cannot setup write parameters for session-at-once mode.
ERROR: Please try to use the ‘generic-mmc-raw’ driver.
ERROR: Writing failed.

Hi :slight_smile:
You might be right about the defrag, but it is free.
So you have nothing to lose.
Also IObit do a program called AdvancedSystemCarePersonal (free).
This can sometimes help cleaning up/repairing links etc.
Take a look.

Hi :slight_smile: thanks, yes may was well, running wins visita also :stuck_out_tongue: grrr have a free win7 upgread :smiley: wasted another Taiyo grrr … at PC or burner

There is one thing that might be worth checking: Your drives’ DMA status (if applicable, depends how your PC has been set up).

Check the link in my signature on how to check/enable DMA and follow the instructions for your OS. :slight_smile:

^Thank you. I will follow the link.
My brother said it coould be my cd players ( coz they are vintage - 80s) but cant be it, coz the source files didnt skip.
lolz, i am reviving the old pc with Sony burner. I got it a new monitor and thermal grease for the processor.