ATAPI DVD A DH16A6L: dual-sided burner?

My HP computer came with an ATAPI DVD A DH16A6L burner drive. Is this drive able to burn double-sided DVDs?

Virtually any dvd burner can burn double sided blank dvds…sometimes known as flipper disks. You turn them over to burn the other side. But those are very rare anymore.

I think you mean double layer dvds. Your burner [B]can[/B] burn DL media, so no worries on that account. We recommend Verbatim brand +R DL disks as the safest bet for double layer blank media. I usually burn them at 4x speed.

I guess I meant double-layer. So this DVD burner can burn a 7+Gb double layered on a single Verbatim double layer DVD?

The time it takes to burn aside, does it matter in regard to the quality of the final DV? And up to what speed will this ATAPI DVD A DH16A6L dvd burner support?

Yes, you can put up to 7.9gb of data on a DL +R disk. There should be no degradation of quality when burning to a DL disk, though if you are burning dvd-video, I would suggest using ImgBurn as your burning program. It will set the layer break correctly, while some burning programs will not. ImgBurn is free to download and use.

From the brief bit of research I did on your drive, it appears to be a rebadged Lite-on 20x model. I have to assume it will burn up to 8x with DL media, but Lite-on’s are not known as the very best at burning DL disks, so I would stick to 4x speed. Verbatim +R DL disks come in two varieties, 2.4x-6x and the 8x disks.

The DVD drive/burner came with a top of the line HP Pavilion computer purchased less than a year ago. For what I paid for it, I would be dismayed to think that they included a “rebadged” Lite-On 20x with it. However, it is what it is, I suppose. I appreciate your input.

Hi [B]tcalder[/B], it is a Lite-On. I have one of these at work.

[QUOTE=alexanderino;2495328]Hi [B]tcalder[/B], it is a Lite-On. I have one of these at work.[/QUOTE]

Does it have the capability to burn a double-layer (DL) DVD? I have tried to burn DL without success.

I have not tested it, but it should be dual layer-compatible. I’d be very surprised if any DVD drive sold these days isn’t.

To find out for yourself, install Imgburn. Switch to one of the functional modes [read/write/build, etc.], then go to [B]Tools -> Drive -> Capabilities[/B]. You’ll find your answer there.