Atapi DVD A DH161YH - Firmware for XP?

Hi everyone,

I took my mom’s PC last weekend and installed Windows XP after formatting the PC to get Vista off of her PC. I did the same thing to my son’s PC and they own identical computers (same models and equipment).

Her DVD drive quit reading DVD’s etc. I did tech support with Compaq and they weren’t too much help. I can find a firmware update but that’ for Vista only. What’s odd is my son’s PC didn’t have any problems with his drive after formatting it to put XP on it.

I’ve checked the drivers (both contain the same drivers) so I’d like to know if anyone has any suggestions? HELP she says - please.

It’s the Atapi DVD a DH16ATH drive. Again, the firmware update is sp35000.exe which I can’t use as that PC doesn’t have Vista any longer.

Now, I dont’ suppose I could locate, email and install the firmware from my son’s computer to my mom to install somehow on her PC?

Thanks for your help.

You should still be able to install the updated firmware on XP. If not, follow these steps:

Download and install 7-Zip. It’s a free program that is used to compress and uncompress different types.

The SP35000 update is just a self-extracting EXE. Locate the EXE on your hard drive. Right click on the file; there should be an entry for 7-Zip. Move your cursor to that, and select “Extract to ‘sp35000’”

Locate the new sp35000 folder created. Open the folder, and click on install.exe . Let it think for a moment. After a while, it should ask if you want to proceed. And the rest of the directions should be the same.

I just tried to open the normal sp35000.exe, and it worked fine. I also tried the long method, which worked equally well. I’m on Windows XP Home Edition. It may say it’s for Vista, but it should still work. :iagree: