Atapi CD_RW/R not recognized in windows media?!?!

Having a weird problem with windows. I have an Atapi CD-R/CD-RW 52x/32x. It burns just fine in Nero, but windows itself and windows media won’t recognize it to burn. The driver and hardware profile are fine, I can read other cd’s etc. But if I try to burn mp3’s using windows media it won’t let me select the drive to burn. This doesn’t make much sense to me.

I’ve already tried changing the drive to the master and running it alone and that didn’t matter.

Thanks for the help in advance,


just fixed my own problem/ KINDA.

The problem was a misdetection by windows as a recordable drive. Windows tell you to change the registration of the drive in the cd burning KEY. But, they tell you to enter 1 or 2 in the Drive Type Key. 1 if it’s a CD-R, and 2 if it’s a CD-RW. But what if it’s both???

EDIT…::: here’s the windows support site.;en-us;316529