Ata for DVD and CDRW

Just building a new PC for a work friend. It is an Elite k76sa. The POST screen is saying the DVD is ATA 66 and the CDRW is reported as ATA 33. The DVD & CDRW are on the same IDE channel. The DVD is a pioneer 117 the CDRW is BENQ 48x is this correct should they not both be ATA66. I have also noticed that if the BENQ has a disk in although I am not accesing it the green light is on, is this normal operation.

Most cdrw are ata33, now as for the dvd i have asus 16x with is ata100 but there are others at ata33.
I don’t think is something wrong with your drives.
The light works fine too:) .

yes most CDROM,CDRW’s are ATA 33, and most DVD are ATA 66 or 100

that is why what I like to do with my Rig is to use a PCI ATA card for my hard drives, and put my DVD on one chanel and the CDRW on the other with booth as master’s

I find this the best set up for all copying, and you will have room for 4 HDD’s and 4 drives
the PCI ATA cards are about $20

It is ok as you have it. :slight_smile:
But if the cd drives are not to the same IDE channel is ok too, and sometimes will give you better results and performance.:bigsmile: