ATA Channel Error DVD+RW Device

I have a recently brought new compaq presario V6000 with a pre-installed version of Windows Vista.

The Cd Drive has been working but now seems to not work at all! Its in device manager, there’s no conflicts, and it says the device is working ok.

In device manager i now seem to have 2 ATA channel 0’s, one running my hard disk, and one running my cd, i also have an ATA Channel 2, running no devices.

Why has channel 1 disappeared? i have tried to remove the device and the drivers and rebooted but on entering windows vista it reinstalls it, back on to the same settings and the same problems still exist as before. I’ve removed both the cd and the ata device/drivers.

If i try to access the cd drive through command prompt i get an error message “the I/O Device is not recognized”

Does anyone know either why it is doing this (on trailing the microsoft site and various forums online it seems to be a vista based problem NOT a hardware problem) i have tried the WIN XP solution of removing the upper and lower limits using regedit but this again didn’t help.

The microsoft knowledge database on there website seems to recognize this problem but there is currently no fix released ontill the next service pack, and they haven’t sent the hotfix out (though they promised this within 8 hours and i am still waiting a week later!)

Any solutions/information would be greatly recieved! Thanks alot.

Im still suffering from this problem, anyone got any ideas at all??!! :confused:

It seems that you’ve tried the most obvious solutions already (re-installing the IDE Channel and deleting Lower/Upper filters). Not much more we can say with this info, I’m afraid. Can you boot the PC from a bootable disc at all, then you’d at least know the drive itself is ok?

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