ATA card and IDE standard


I have a few queries about ATA cards and IDE drives

  1. I have an old motherboard (SE 440 BX2) - It does not support the ATA standard. Will I be able to use the ATA standard that my new hard drive supports using an additional ATA card

  2. Using an ATA card, I can overcome the limit of using 2 IDE channels with max 2 drives on each. True or False?

  3. Using an ATA card will result in a performance increase if my new hard disk supports that standard. Correct? Will it be a significant performance increase?

Thanks in advance.

  1. The 440BX fully supports ATA/33

  2. The channel part can be overcome. IDE channels can still only have 2 drives on them. Using an ATA card in addition to your onboard IDE will give you 4 channels, or up to 8 devices. The motherboard controller is perfect for IDE optical drives, most of which are ATA/33.

  3. Yes. Many new cards also support 48-bit LBA addressing for support of new, humongous hard drives.

1: i believe the hardware is on the add-on card…it by passes your mobo… so i believe you hdd can have a slight speed up by using the ata card.

your fully able to use an ata133 hard drive as long as you have a ata133 controler card. it will usually only be slightly slower then a newer motherboard with native 133 support.

Before i say anything , just name the hard drive model ??

  1. Samsung SV4000H - 40 GB (ATA 100)
  2. Seagate 20 GB (Dont remember the model number) (ATA 66)