ATA 33 is enough?



Hi everyone! I just bought a new LG 4163B,started writing Memorex 8xDVD+R,everything is perfect.But here’s the thing:due to a defective IDE cable in my PC a while ago,I had to replace the ATA100 cable which was “holding” my DVDROM with an ATA 33 cable.Never had any problems.
Now after switching to a DVDRW,IT is now “held” by the ATA33 cable…
set as master,and it’s the only drive on the cable.Everything seems perfect,it takes just 7:40 mins to burn a DVD and I’m ok with it.But lots of people keep telling me I should switch to a regular ATA100 cable,and I’m wondering:what improvements would i achieve by doing this?Is it absolutely necessary? Thanks to anyone who will take their time to answer.


It’s an ATA33 unit, anyway…


It’s enough.


Thanxs a lot.It’s great to have straightforward answers.So only one doubt remains… Will the drive’s performance deteriorate in time beacuse of this?Somebody told me I could get quite a few errors with an ATA 33.Although by now…everything is ok,last night i wrote a bunch of DVD’s at 8x in about 7:20 each.So i for one am happy.

P.S:I’m using a SATA hard disk.


That’s a news to me. What kind of errors? Lots of motherboards in use today still have only 33MB/s IDE/ATA/DMA-33. The difference is mostly just the bandwidth and especially for DVD writing, no difference in real world usage.


Well said what errors:here’s what i got:“Well the burning quality might be affected and you could end up ruining some DVD’s”.And this is coming from a dude i trust,but I think he’s wrong on this one.I’m pretty convinced now that ATA 33 is enough,and the fact that retail packages do NOT come equipped with ATA 100 cables makes this belief even stronger.

Thanxs a lot for your clarifications. :bow:


Even with a ata66/100 cable and bus the average sustained MB/S is only around 25. Sometimes the burst rate can be higher. Nothing to worry about. BTW your hard drives spendle speed can have more to improve or hamper your burns so if your hard drive is only running at 3300 rpm then you need to slow down your burn speed attempts but at 5400 or 7200 or better you shouldn’t have any problems. If you have your hard drive on a SATA you have no worries just make sure your DMA settings are correct.


I already had 2 4160b’s installed in this computer before adding a 4163b yesterday.

Funny thing… the 4160b’s both run at ata66 and have a high burst speed when you examine using drivespeed.

The 4163b only runs at ata33… fast enough to get the job done, but I wonder why it is slower than it’s older cousin.

BTW, if Kenshin reads this… how do you enter more than 1 drive into your poll… is it because you started it? I am only allowed 1 entry, but I have more than 1 LG drive.


This drive is superb.Even if you have 1000MB/s, the real rate is that of importance.


Agreed… burst is not as important.

Just curious, maybe they thought ata66 was overkill?


As far as I know, the only difference between ATA33/66 and an ATA100/133 cable is that the latter has twice the number of wires. Every second one is a Ground wire, so it improves screening between the signal wires, and reduces electrical interference which may cause errors. This is nothing to worry about, as error correction will fix everything, but the cost of it is loss in speed. Your hard drive might have to resend information, and slow down a bit. The problem comes form the fact that DVD writer doesn’t have that time for requesting the resend of the data in the middle of the 16x burn, so you end up with the coaster.

Overall, ATA33/66 cable should do fine for any current model DVD burner at maximum speed, but if anyone has doubts, go get an ATA100/133 cable, they are cheap enough, but probably overkill for burning.