ATA 33 DVD Burner?


Can anyone recommend an ATA 33 compatible DVD burner for a friend of mine with an ‘old’ computer?


ATA 33 runs in UDMA 2 and only requires a 40-pin IDE cable, right? I have a Lite-On LH-20A1H (or LH-20A1P, same model, but no lightscribe) that runs in UDMA 2 and I’d highly recommend it.

Most DVD drives will run at UDMA33 if thats all thats available. 16x writing will almost max this out though.

The Liton 20A1H is a UDMA66 drive (I had one, swapped it for a friends wrongly ordered SATA). BenQ internals have all been UDMA33 upto the DW1655 (and are very good burners).

To be honets, most IDE burners should work fine as they will work at the fastest speed the channel will allow.