ATA-33 CD-RW and ATA-66 DVD-RW on the same IDE channel?

Hello, the topic states my question… I have the DVD-RW in the master position and the CD-RW drive as slave, when the system boots, they are being detected as ATA33 (cd) and ATA66 (dvd).

Am I good to go? Or is my DVD-RW drive now operating at the ATA33 spec because of the slower CD-RW drive?

My concern is that the dvd drive might not operate at its full potential, as in the transfer speed when reading from a CD or DVD might not be as high as it could be.

I’ve searched the net about this and some sources say “modern” IDE controllers work in such a way that each drive works at its rated speed independent of the other one, is that true? I have an ABIT KN9 (nForce4 chipset) btw…

Is my Lite-On LH20A1H (“World’s fastest DVD rewriter”) even capable of reaching ATA-66 speeds? Sorry for my ignorance, but I haven’t found anything definite about this particular issue on the net

Both drives work in the correct modes.

[QUOTE=chef;1925874]Both drives work in the correct modes.[/QUOTE]

True. Unless one of the drives is pre-UDMA (with a maximum burst transfer rate no greater than 16.6 MB/s), the Ultra ATA controller will use independent master/slave device timing for the same channel.

That said, it is not recommended to perform direct disc copying between the two optical drives when both of those drives are daisy-chained together onto the same IDE cable due to the IDE data transfers within the same IDE channel going in only one direction at a time. If you do, the likelihood of buffer underruns and write errors increases.

Thanks for putting my mind at rest! :slight_smile: