At Which degradation level did you reburn your media?

HI guys,

Like mots of yours I’m doing some backup copy of my prefered DVD and I know some of my older media burned in mid-2005 with ‘famous’ Ritek G04/G05 begin to have bad degradation.

I have approximatively 50 of them remaining and I don’t want to reburn all of them if it’s not necessary.
As guideline I checked if my media has more than 5000 PI Failure. If yes I will begin to spot this media more closely (scan it each month) and after 10000 PI Failure I reburn it.

With this method I have never experienced any ‘freeze’, ‘skipped’ or at last data lost with any of my DVD media.

Does it sound good to yours? Someone have opinions about my method?

To be honest, because of Ritek G05’s reputation for degrading I would back ALL of those discs up if the data is going to be difficult to replace. Depending on your G04 discs they may or may not exhibit issues but some G04 has given people similar problems to G05. My G04’s that I’ve used burn with pretty high PI levels but they seem to be stable so far, but I tend to use them for less important burns because of issues some have had. Reburning 50 discs isn’t that big of a task (I often copy on the fly at 8x when I need to make a quick copy) and certainly not an expensive one compared to the potential loss of data, although if they are only movies that may not be a big concern to you.

Regarding your methods of evaluating your discs, I think it’s a decent way of tracking the discs but PIF total isn’t the only concern. I would be more concerned specific issues such as large concentrations of errors in one spot, and I’d be especially concerned with discs that have gradual rises in errors towards the edge. This is by far the most common pattern for degrading discs, where the outer edges will see sharp increases in error and jitter levels. While 5000-10000 PIFs IS a high amount, if they are evenly spread across the disc and it’s media that doesn’t have a reputation for degrading then it’s probably fine. Those same levels of errors on a disc that already has a reputation for instability such as Ritek G05, that would be more cause for concern and I would personally not hesitate to backup those discs.

If a TRT is dodgy, or even my trusty Litey has trouble reading the data from a disc, then I’ll reburn from the original/another backup.

As you do though, if a scan shows anything out of the ordinary, then I will pay closer attention to that disc, and rescan regularly.

Not the most foolproof way, but it works for me. :slight_smile: