At what point do you give up on the media?



I got a 50 pack of Verbatim AZO DVD+R (MCC 004, made in Taiwan). I just tested 3 of them with CD-DVD Speed and all 3 got over 1000 PIE and over 200 PIF around the 4.0 GB mark.

I don’t feel like spending all night testing these discs. Is it worth testing any more of them? Or just assume the whole batch is bad and toss them all out?


Test one from the bottom of the pack. If that disc is also bad, don’t use them or only use them for content under 4 GB.


^ Agreed.

Can you share a screenshot of one of the scans? I want to make sure I’m interpreting your numbers right.

And do you see any physical blemishes on the bottom of the discs? Maybe there will be an especially visible spot on the discs that have already been burned.


If you’re at the full 16x burn, try dropping it to 12x or 8x - this rules out high burn speed at the edge being the problem.

Also, make sure you are scanning at an appropriate speed - scanning too fast will score worse as the speed increases.


I’m pretty sure the first 3 were burned at 18X, which is the default speed for the Create Disc.

I just burned one at 16X, and you can see over 800 PIE and 120 PIF. This disc seems to have a faint line in the dye near the edge of the underside of the disc. Then I burned one at 8X, and you can see it’s a lot better.

I also tried a disc from near the bottom at 18X and it showed a lot of errors but not as many as the top ones (don’t have the screenshot for that, I had already tossed that disc in the trash).


For discs like that, I personally keep them, limit the write speed (in this case, since 8x produced something usable, I’d use 8x or 6x), and soldier on. I’m generally not concerned that the disc will fail to be useful any more quickly than other discs, though I probably wouldn’t use them as the only discs for a long-term archival project, just in case. :wink:

If you still have the one you wrote at 8x, can it be read back at full speed?


8x burn looks fine. 16x-18x is way too fast and will always produce problems unless using the absolute pinnacle of high quality discs.


I never posted a scan of a 12X burn from that batch of discs, so here it is:


Now here is a scan of a 12X burn from a new batch of Verbatim DVD+R MCC 004 that I just got from a different store. It looks a lot worse.


Now here is a scan of a 12X burn of a Verbatim DVD+R MCC 004 disc from a batch that I bought a few years ago - it looks perfect. The scans from the other 2 batches that I bought this year look much worse.