At the end of my rope second dvd/vhs recorder gone bad?! please please help

i currently have a samsung vr357 dvd/vhs recorder…the dvd to vhs works fine but when i try to record vhs to dvd i get the cable signal video and the vhs sound recorded on the dvd…sometimes not! (with the same tape! same settings) but it happens now regularly no matter how a fiddle with the connections…

even when the video does record it will often stop in the middle of the tape

today when i tried to record a show from the tv/cable it stopped recording about 35 minutes into the show and just showed a chapter edit screen

this is the second dvd/vcr record unit that has gone weird in less than two years of use!! (the first was a panasonic i believe)

are these types of units all just junk??? can anyone reccomend a decent one, please…i’m at the end of my rope with this thing

oh, and i also downloated the firm ware to a disc and the whole unit freezes up when i put it in the player