AT&T Worries Privacy Advocates With Anti-Piracy Initiative

AT&T Anti-Piracy Initiative ??

In a break with other Internet service providers, AT&T Inc. (T) will work with Hollywood studios and recording labels to devise technology that identifies offshore content pirates who use its network to upload illegal copies of movies and music. …

Ouch, possible another hit for DSL users. Earlier this year Verizon users were “updated” with user’s rights. Verizon took ownership of your ISP records / traffic … net effect, you have no rights to what, when, or who they share your records with.

good news for newsgroup providers i guess lol usenet access with ssl is the future solution it seems or maybe they’ll accuse you of doing something illegal since you have too much traffic for just surfing the web etc lol…or encrypted p2p programs will start popping up perhaps