AT&T Wifi hotspots injects unwanted advertisements to websites



We’ve just posted the following news: AT&T Wifi hotspots injects unwanted advertisements to websites[newsimage][/newsimage]

Wifi hot spots of the American telecom provider AT&T automatically inject advertisements in websites which allows third parties to track the user’s surfing behavior.

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I do believe that the TOR network uses encryption. When data travels from your computer to a TOR node (or from one node to another), that data gets encrypted, so that it can only be decrypted by either the user or the “exit” node (that is, the last node between you and the web). Therefore, using TOR while connected via public hotspots should help protect you from this garbage.

PS: I can’t help but wonder if these ads also affect HTTPS traffic as well. If so, it seems likely that this advertising will have the same effect on privacy and security as the Lenovo Super Fish fiasco.