AT&T, Verizon: We're not price-fixing

I just posted the article AT&T, Verizon: We’re not price-fixing.

On Capitol Hill, executives from AT&T and Verizon Wireless lawmakers that there’s no price-fixing going on, and that text message prices are better than ever.

The hearing before the…

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SMS are for free in Portugal, and in most Europe they’re at least half the price as in the States and they’re NOT unpopular. There’s something wrong there :-S

Like I said before, texting takes nothing for their network to handle and they shouldn’t be charging anything for it. It should be included in your basic plan. There is something going on because rates have even gone up also. I remember you could get $30 or even less plan but now you have to pay $40 if not more. Also, the phones are purposely overpriced to bait you into getting the 2 year contract. Another thing, you can’t get an iPhone or any other “smart” phone without having to sign up for an outrageously expensive data plan. When are people going to wake up and stop letting these idiots fleece you of every cent you have.

Yep to have a blackberry or iphone (off the top of my head) you have to pay the internet fee also to even place/recieve calls.

I’ve got a basic Nokia phone and prepaid plan. If I wanted an overpriced multimedia device, I’d pick a netbook or something similar.

No way in hell I’ll ever subscribe for two years to a wireless carrier.

SMS are for free in Portugal? Not so. It was free several years ago, when it was introduced. As soon as it became popular, it was not free anymore.

Hum… well three Portuguese girls told me the other day that they were a little angry because in Spain they didn’t have free SMS and in Portugal they did. They must have been bragging or something.

My wife and I each have a simple Nokia pay-as-you-go phone hooked up to Virgin Mobile’s network. No camera, no web surfing, no army knife… just a phone. We each pay $100 a year. Life is good.

I think texting is 5 cents per text message sent, but I’ve used it only once. It’s free to receive a text message.

Is that just a Canada thing Duke?

Not sure, ranspo.

They charge up to 6000% more than the actual cost of sending a text just to force people into buying texting plans. They know most people will buy a bigger plan than they think they will use (otherwise you end up right back where you started, paying 20c per text on overages). And that means more money in their pockets. This time for something you DIDN’T use.
I refuse to bow to this kind of manipulation and instead opted for a StraightTalk prepaid plan from Tracfone, where texting costs 1c each and talk is 2c a minute. Much better!

Yeah Motorhead! Even the “expensive” Tracfone programs at 7c a minute only charge you 1/3 of a minute to send a text message.

US Virgin Mobile is 20cents/minute talk and 15cents/text on pay as you go. If you buy “packs” you get 10c/min and 2.5c/text but that’s 200 minutes and 200 texts at a time and, unless you buy more within 30 days, they don’t roll over.

I have to agree with shoalin on this why throw your money away and let these corporations slice up your wallet.

I don’t have a cell phone!