AT&T to impose bandwidth caps

Think I am posting this right

Broadband Reports was the first to learn, and has confirmed with AT&T, that the company will be implementing a new 150GB monthly usage cap for all DSL customers and a new 250 GB cap on all U-Verse users starting on May 2. From March 18 to March 31, AT&T users are going to be receiving notices informing them of the change in the company’s terms of service. AT&T spokesman Seth Bloom confirmed the news to Broadband Reports after we initially contacted him last Friday concerning a leaked copy of the upcoming user notification. According to Bloom, the cap will involve overage charges. However, only users who consistently exceed the new caps will have to deal with these charges.

(all I know, is, it’s going to piss me off! good thing we are moving soon!)

This may give some people that have AT&T DSL some more information.

This is the AT&T site for checking your monthly usage:

AT&T are some greedy bastards .

The only reason I picked AT&T over Comcast was because of the bandwidth cap, looks like I’m switching to someone else! Most of the games I play are online, through xbox live or so, so yeah, gonna have to find someone else once we move!

My use is below the cap so I will stay with AT&T for now. That doesn’t mean I like them & their underhanded tactics . If it wasn’t for their greed a lot of people would be using cheap fiber optics now. Something us tax payers helped pay for. As well as their fee on the phone bill to "Help " pay for things like rural lines , low income customers .etc . I wonder how much is really spent on that . The people I’ve talked to that live in a rural area have paid for their phone line from the closest telephone pole to their house . Sometimes quite a bit.

All internet service providers will have caps sooner or later, which is a way for them to bring in more revenue from online streaming of movies through netflick and other such websites.

Although I do not like the ideal (not an AT&T user) I’d be happy if we can get bandwidth like those in China and such. I hear they pay the same if not cheaper for 25+MB’s download speed while we US residents pay 30.00+ for just 7+.