AT&T switching to tiered data plans for smartphones



AT&T switching to tiered data plans for smartphones.

[newsimage][/newsimage]AT&T has announced it decided to finally end unlimited data plans for smartphone users, and will now offer two different tiered pricing plans for new data subscribers.

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No surprise here… there have been rumors for months now that AT&T planned to do this at some point. In all honesty, I’m actually surprised it took so long for the company to roll out these tiered data plans.


This sucks! So glad I don’t have them!


I’m sure at least one or more wireless carriers will jump on the opportunity to flaunt that they have “unlimited data, unlike AT&T”.


I see data as the new cash cow with mobile carriers these days. They’ve basically have screwed you to the max for voice and SMS plans now they’re going after data…


I was going to jump from U.S. Cellular to AT&T for the IPhone did some googling this morning over the IPhone vs. the Android and still weighed onto the IPhone now with this I’ll go Android and keep my plan.


This applies to iPads too! What a FAIL!


Well the forced data plans to get a cheap phone suck. I wanted to get a HTC Hero droid phone when it was on special at Best Buy to add to our old family plan my mom got so we could all stay in touch and it would have taken her bill from 100 a month to 167. I mainly wanted the really nice camera but to get the price you had to upgrade to a data plan so that killed the deal for me.
I really couldn’t care about doing E-mails or surfing on my phone, the camera and maybe the built in GPS were what I really wanted but they bend you over on a plan to get the price, or you pay 500 bucks for a phone they paid China 1.50 to build.


AT&T can stick those plans up their RETHINK POSSIBLE ASS!


I know they lost me as a new customer. So let’s see how many others will go somewhere else.


Hmm, and now there’s a rumor Verizon might follow their lead:

Very lame. I’m thinking Sprint or T-mobile will have an opportunity to become very popular if they continue offering unlimited data plans.

On the other hand, AT&T is grandfathering the old unlimited plans for existing customers, so this announcement might not cause them much grief at all.


U.S. Cellular isn’t going to do this either I asked them today.