AT&T offers mobile broadband service per day, per week

I just posted the article AT&T offers mobile broadband service per day, per week.

AT&T has unveiled a new service that will allow customers to have wireless access that has multiple payment options available without the need to sign a two-year mandatory fee.

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AT&T provides the service for $15 per day, $30 per week,
:eek: These prices are ridiculously high

A major downside of the service is that AT&T uses a SIM card instead of a regular modem, which forces users to own a notebook or netbook certified directly through AT&T.
I have problems to understand this. Okay, you get a SIM card only. Then there shouldn’t be a problem to insert that into any device that supports this communication standard like internal WWAN modules in laptops or 3G USB modem etc. :confused:


Any data device that supports an AT&T SIM card should work. So if there is some wireless USB adapter that supports AT&T SIM’s (I don’t know if there is one), then you should be able to use it with this plan.