At my witts end with PX-708A

I’ve really had enough of this drive, if anyone out there can help me I’d greatly appreciate it. I’ve read all the threads dealing with this drive and all the issues it has with Nero so please do not direct me to one of those, with that said, here’s my problem.

The drive has been working great for 2 weeks, all of a sudden it stops working in Nero (I’ve tried every damn version under the sun, all the versions that are supposed to work, all the ones that have been posted here, the newest update, EVERYTHING). I’ve tried uninstalling Nero, using cleaning tools, uninstalling/reinstalling the drive, uninstalling all my other cd/dvd writing software and reinstalling that, no luck.

What happens now is, after a few minutes of writing I get disc failed to burn error and a rediculous log file that means nothing to me. As far as I can tell, it stopped working after I installed and started using Pinnacle Studio 8. Now I’ve read somewhere in this forum that installing other dvd software can cause a .dll conflict or something like that. Like I said, I went back to square one, cleaned everything out and reinstalled, no luck. I have also tried the firmware upgrades and have contacted Plextor numerous times, they are unable to solve my problem.

I’m pretty much just using Nero to backup my movies, if I cannot get this working, is there at least another app out there that someone could recommend?

One last thing that’s kind of weird with Nero, when erasing a +RW disc, the time and status bar are always different, sometimes it says 2 mins, sometimes it doesn’t say, sometimes it takes 5 seconds, hell, sometimes the bar goes right to the end then starts going back down, I don’t get it, I’m completely fed up with this nonsense, please, someone help me!

Update: CopytoDVD does not work either, gives me an error halfway through. Burning with Pinnacle works, too bad I can’t backup movies with it.

Could you please post the log from nero when it fails? Maybe we could get anything useful out from it?

What media have you tried?
How is the drive connected?
Is DMA enabled?
What chipset have you mainboard?
Any packet writing softwares installed?

Is there any chance that you could test the drive in another computer to see if it’s the drive that is defective?

You could try installing clean XP on a different HD or Partition. If it works then we are pretty sure it is not burner’s fault.
BTW did you disable Win XP rudimentary burning engine (IMAPI Service) ?

I’ve tried many types of media, all of which I know work including TDK and Fujifilm.

I have tried with the drive connected as a secondary master and slave.

DMA is enabled, I’ve tried enabling it with the jumper on the back of the drive as well (requested by Plextor for troubleshooting purposes)

Mainboard chipset is via I believe which is all up to date, already checked on that.

Roxio Easy CD Creator came with the drive, I have that installed (Again, Plextor requested me to for troubleshooting purposes). I have also installed Nero version and Pinnacle Studio 8 for testing purposes.

I could test the drive in another computer I suppose, I doubt the drive is defective, a while back I thought it was so I exchanged it for this one, now it’s doing the same thing. It will burn audio cd’s however, in ECDC only.

As far as a clean Windows XP install, this is, I did a full format and reinstall a few days ago, worked like a charm until yesterday. I have tried disabling the IMAPI service as well, no luck.

The Nero logs can be found here They are a bit old, but the new ones are the same.

I have this Plextor drive and I have never gotten it to work with Roxio’s Easy CD Creator. I had always used this software in the past and I have the full version of 6.0 but it gave me big problems and I had to dump it. Nero works great as does NTI and everything else now. I do have a lot of software and now everything works. EZCD is tough to remove though. You have to go to their website and follow their instructions. I am not telling you to do that though just what my experience was. :cool:

Unfortunately for me, EZCD works, but there’s no way to backup movies with it (at least that I know of). I just want to use Nero, this drive isn’t even worth owning if I can’t use it.

For some reason, I can burn music cd’s and data dvd’s, but I cannot backup movies anymore. Bit strange that it just stopped working in all my apps all of a sudden.

Mainboard chipset is via I believe which is all up to date, already checked on that.

What chipset version are you using? There are 2 versions of 1.49 floating around, one of the versions came with a via dmatool and changed all ide devices to be picked up as scsi devices. If you are using the via chipset drivers change then back to 47 or 48 and try them, see if that doesn’t make a difference.

Changing VIA drivers doesn’t seem to help :frowning:

Another Update: Nero will not burn plain data dvd’s, ezcd creator will.

Is your drive connected as Master or Slave? If it’s connected as slave try connecting it as Master … mine works fine as Master.