At my wits end with skipping cd's

I have a Sony cd/dvd burner and have been experiencing problems for over 3 years now. I burn a music cd and try to play it on my panasonic multi disc player and its skips, not all the time and not in the same place and sometime not at all. I like to put 5 cd’s in and play a random selection.I first thought the “random” selection had something to do with it. So I played them straight through and in most cases they worked but every so often they skipped too. I thought it might be the software, I was using( nero), so I chaned to the original software that came with the burner. This seemed to help at first but I am still getting these skips. My last choice is the panasonic unit itself. Its about 5-7 yeas old. I have been looking at replacements but don’t want to spend the money if I don’t have to. Does anyone have suggestions as to the cause and solution?

Thanks :sad:

What media are you using? Pop one of the “problem” CDs into CD-DVD Speed, and tell us the manufacturer.

Maybe your player needs a clean too…just a couple of thoughts. :slight_smile:

Some standalone players are really picky about media.

Often this skipping problem can be solved burning audio CD at a slower speed. If I’m not wrong, not more than 16x (sorry, I don’t remember exact value)

Hehe, good one Geno, I forgot about burning audio CDs a little slower, as I just tend to burn mine at 16x anyway! :wink:

Geno’s absolutely correct! I’ve never burned audio CDs faster than 8X and [B]never, ever[/B] had a problem playing them in any kind of player, be it a cheapo boom-box, clunky car player, etc. I used to burn them at 4X, but the newer, better discs play flawlessly at 8.

I believe he is :iagree:…I guess people have their preferred speeds, though. I’ve always found 16x slow enough, for me at least, to produce a playable disc. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Probably is related also to the player. Some are really picky :frowning:

There are possibly 5 factors involved here and I’ve listed them in what I’d consider to be the plan to solve the problem - in my experience.

  1. The media. I use exclusively Verbatim Pastels & Verbatim Super AZO for Audio CDs. Avoid store own brands, bulq pack, Memorex. Apparently Ritek CD-R media is favoured by many but I don’t know what brands they’re sold under.

  2. Speed can be an issue, although I can burn playable discs at 48x & have been doing so for some time. Personally I’ve not experienced any advantage of slower speeds. However, this is always worth a try & perhaps should be the first thing to do. 16x seems to be the favoured speed.

  3. The software. Nero is not the first choice for Audio CD burning. My personal preference is Roxio (pre V8). A good free one is Burrrn (

  4. The burner. DVD burners are not the best at burning CDs. Some do a good job but some do a poor job. If someone burns a lot of CDs then I’d recommend a quality CD burner specifically for the task. My old Liteon 40x CD-RW still is better than my DVD writers & the latest Liteon one seems quite good.
    Early NEC DVD burners (I had 2) were particularly bad CD burners.

  5. The player. It’s always worth trying playing the discs in another player to try & eliminate a particular player as being the issue. However, it’s car CD players that tend to be the most picky, far more than home systems.

This is all based on my experiences with a [B]very[/B] picky car stereo.

The main advantage of burning at 16x or slower is, that the drive will burn at a constant linear speed (CLV) and produce a disc with lower jitter than burns performed at faster speeds. For data this is not important at all, but for audio it may be important depending on the player(s) the disc will be played in.

The NEC ND-4551A DVD burner is an outstanding CD-R burner when burning at 16x! The other drives in the series should be equal in this respect: NEC 3550, 3551, 4550

The 5S and 6S LiteOn DVD burners seem to be rather unimpressive CD-R burners, however. It’s possible that LiteOn CD-RW burners are good, but don’t even think of burning audio at 52x!

I was clearly generalising here. My 1100 & my 2500 never seemed to do a particularly good job but my later burners (Benq 1620 & LG4163b particularly) seem pretty good. Certainly they don’t give me the problems I had before.

My guess is the Panasonic player. I also have a simple Kenwood CD-player about that old and it wouldn’t even acknowledge CD-R’s (no disc) until I fiddled with some small calibration screws near the laser head. It plays everything without skipping now though. Not all CD-lasers of that period were adjusted to CD-R media yet. If your discs don’t skip in other players, that will be the reason.

This pana is pickly, especially with fast burned cd media and DVD+R in general.