At least a good burn at 16x!

The fast warranty service of plextor is really good !!

today i received my new PX716A: TLA0304 (the defective one is a TLA0203)
installed; burned a MCC04 (verbatim 16x) at 16x:
magnific burn!!!

here is the link of the same burn with same media with older burner :Z

moomsman, that is an excellent scan indeed!!!
Or maybe you got a lucky disk in the spindle? :stuck_out_tongue: How about showing us another write scan with Nero CDSpeed plus PI/PO sum1/8 scan… :iagree:

ok i will do that.

i forgot to mention that the burner is upgraded with 1.06 FW

i got an error with wnaspi32.dll each time i try to do a quality test with Cd speed (tested version 3.70 and 3.75) .
I have the latest version of nero

Unfortunately you cant do quality test with cd speed on plextor drives, so you will need to use plextools instead.

SUM1 test

thanks for the info zevia