At Last! 48x certified media released!


i just saw that Verbatim is releasing their new CDRs certified to be burnt at 48x speeds.

I hope we can now burn at this high speeds error-free.


I burn 16x certs at 48x and have 0% error… so why spend the extra $$ on them?

What are those 16x media that run at 40x with no problems? brand and/or model? thanks :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Nhawk
Made by CMC…can’t handle 48X w/o reading slowdowns at the end (70min mark).
Therefore, perfect for <70min burns and may be fine for 40X burns (haven’t tried one yet)

Mmmmm…I just tested the ASUS supplied 80’/48x disc in the CRW-4816A. I got a slow down at the 70’ mark to the end (CAV all the way)

At first, ASUS burner/Nero CD Speed wouldn’t recognise the disc! Had to reboot for some reason. I’m gonna be unhappy if this continues. Already unhappy about the 48x reading LaserLock slower than the 40x…

What exactly is the word ‘certified media’ means nowadays? :rolleyes:

Originally posted by tylau
What exactly is the word ‘certified media’ means nowadays? :rolleyes:
Why the rolling eyes? This is sarcasm. Certified means that a speed is printed on the packaging and/or the discs. I have spindles with no speed mentioned anywhere…

No probs ( 0% errors ) at all when burning 24x HP ( made by TY ) @ 40x. 40125S (zs0J , zs0K )
What all the fuss about ?

There are subtle differences in the discs that are rated @ specific speeds. You burn at a speed faster than the disc is rated for, there is a greater probability there will be errors.

Sure, i agree with that. I myself is very cautious about such stuff.

i know i can burn imations (16x rated i think) at 48x with no errors. i agree…why waste the money?