At CES, 3D gaming's a tough sell

I just posted the article At CES, 3D gaming’s a tough sell.

I offer my impressions of 3D gaming, gleaned from the show floor at CES, with the caveat that I favor strong gameplay over superior graphics. Still, it was hard to even be a little excited about the future as Sony and others envision it.

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I got a chance to play Batman Arkham Asylum, Avatar and Gran Turismo 5 in 3D.

I agree that Gran Turismo did seem like paper cut-outs, but this is pretty much first gen 3D gaming, it can only improve from here on out, right?

I had the most fun with the Batman game, looking up and around, using the grappling hook to elevate and jump to platforms above. It was a fun experience, but I too, won’t be rushing out to buy a 3D TV.

Yikes, I get bad enough eye strain playing regular games…

I watched Avatar this weekend and the eye/brain strain was enough to tire me out, I can only imagine a video game being worse…