Asus1608p --Vs-- Verbatim&Maxell Disc Quality Test Results VERY LOW SCORES!



Hi friends, this is my 1st post :slight_smile: I have a very big problem. I have just bought a brand new Asus 1608p. Then immediately I started to test this burner. The results were very strange because It took very low scores in nero’s disc quality test @v4.0. I think this drivve is not supported by this program otherwise asus 1608p is one of the worst burner. Version of nero is Test results are given below:

Is there anyone who has this burner? If yes please enlight me :frowning:


Your Asus drive is a rebadged Pioneer 109. It is a pretty good drive but you are right, it does not really support scanning.


when i installed the nero (in box,bundle) the test did not start it gives an error like: " this drive does not support…" then i bought nero and installed than the test is performed. Also I upgraded my burner’s firmware to 1.40 .


thx for answer, i want to ask that did you ever try this tests with your pioneer 109?


Also with same media verbatim (mcc 003) my friends nec 3520A scores 96, asus 1604 scores 97, asus 1608 scores 50 but when we try to read this dvd and put it in a dvd player nec 3520’s dvd was the slowest ,other can be read faster.


What test, specifically. Nero is a big program.

The NEC 3520 is not the best drive for scanning. I find that the MCC 003 is very good media for my Pioneer. See the scans in my sig below. Some people have reported some bad MCC 003 in EU but I cannot really comment on what you have.


I mean Nero cd-dvd speed disc quality test. My MCC003 is tested by most of the burners and the overall comment is; it is very good. Also i wan to ask that there was a firmware version of 1.50 and it is withdrawn by asus. I found it do you advise me to flash my firmware to 1.50,currently it is 1.40.

Also i looked yoru scans it seeems pioneer 109 is a very good device. If there is no problem with in my asus ,it must be good as yours.