I was updating the Firmware for my Asus…and my computer froze up…now my drive dosn’t work…Is my drive shot?
What should i do about it?:a

Depending on what drive you’ve got, you may be able to use MTKFlash and binary firmware to revive it.

if u got the 52 speed model you have to be lucky, with some models it works and with some (including mine :frowning: ) it doesnt work a bit.

Your Asus what?

some Asus 52 speed writers work with mtkflash, and some (including mine) doesnt.
maybe a bad choise of words with my previous post :rolleyes:

My post was directed at the thread creator since he only said “my Asus” :wink:

ok :bigsmile:

It is an Asus CRW-5224A

Now can you answer my question?:smiley: :bigsmile:

see my previous reply

it can work with mtkflash but it is possible that it isnt going to work with mtkflash, only one way to find out… try it :wink: