Asus X Plextor X Lite-on

I need some help here. My actual CD burner had been damaged, and I urgently need to buy a new one. I would like some suggestions on which one I shall buy.

At the moment, I’m interested on the ASUS CDRW 1610A. Can anybody explain me if this CDRW is good and which recording modes does it support?

Just buy the 40x LiteOn burner and you will see…:slight_smile:

If you’re in Brazil, just buy a LG 16x (or 32x or 40x or 48x according to your pocketsize, but not the 24x or 12x- ones.). Those support all the recording-stuff (except reading protected audio, but none of those around here), and can backup all backupable games, and should be cheaper than the Asus, Lite-On or Plextor.

Here in Portugal LiteOn drive are as cheap as LG, so I rather buy a LiteOn.

Liteon is a fine drive

Just dont be persuaded by people who have never tried another brand, nor understand what makes it better, and they just jump on the band wagon.

Personaly i like ASUS.
But i like Plextor too.

currently i own a asus.

I’ve used drives from Philips, Plextor, AOpen, Lite-On, Asus and LG.

Of those, I like the Plextors the best, but their price isn’t really worth it.

The Asus and LG drives would be “second” in my list, they look great, are very reliable, have a very robust feel to them, and produce generally good burns.

The Lite-On was a good drive, but that’s about it, plain and simple, nothing really special. It feels plain and “cheap”. Not to say poorly made, but not particularly well made either.

The AOpen was an OK drive, and had the “heaviest” feel of them all. It burned whatever I tossed at it without complaining, and hardly gave me coasters, but I was lucky since I have heard that their quality control is terrible.

The Philips was a simple drive, not very fast, a little bit media-picky, but still a solid performer.

Of all those, I would buy either Asus or LG, the cheapest of the two.

If you don’t need to make 1:1 copies of protected games, then you could also go for a Cyberdrive or Optorite. Those babies are dirt-cheap, media-friendly and fast, but can’t copy the latest protections raw as is. (As can’t the 24x LG and the Plextor, I believe.)