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The attractive ASUS WL-500W wireless router is more than just good looks. It’s compliant with Draft 802.11n, the latest wireless technology offering greater range and data speeds than the older 802.11b/g standards, (when used with compatible Draft 802.11n wireless adapters) while still being fully backwards compatible with them—perfect for mixed-mode environments.

The router’s MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology also makes it a natural choice for multimedia fanatics, minimizing errors and optimizing data speed through the use of multiple antennas for both sending and receiving.

Other handy features include Download Master, giving you the ability to download HTTP, FTP and BT (BitTorrent) files automatically from the Internet even without computer connection and connect and share multiple USB peripherals like printers and external hard drives with computers across your network.The WL-500 also has an EZsetup button that automatically configure SSID and WPA or WEP encryption.