Asus W3V replacement dvd writers


I’m a frustrated user of the MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-841S on my Asus W3V. I have heaps of problems with burning and reading dvd’s and cds, and after a long and arduous search on google, I’ve found others have had the same problem with this dvd writer and haven’t had any luck finding an updated firmware for it.

I’m not resorting to replacing the dvd writer with a new one, but now have a problem of finding a compatible dvd writer that will fit my drive.

Any advice? What should I be looking out for when trying to find a new replacement that will fit into my laptop?


Sorry, update to the above, I meant I’m ‘NOW’ resorting to buying a new one :slight_smile:

Have you trie dto clean the drives laser lens??

Hiya, yes I’ve tried cleaning, different dvds etc, but I constantly have these problems. I’m resorting to buying a updated reliable burner.

hi oly
you need a slim line dvd-/+rw drive
if your in the states you can try
slimlines are more expensive then regular drives though
good luck

Hi, thanks for that, so you’re fairly certain any slimline will fit? I’ve found quite a few that are slimline for laptops, and haven’t had much luck in confirming if it will fit in my laptop.

How would I confirm that before purchasing? Are slimline models able to fit all laptops that have been made in the last 2 years?

i’m pretty sure that it’s a slimline dvd-/+rw drive.
but to be sure you could go to the laptop manufacture’s website to find out.