Asus vs. Pio 111 vs. Pio 112

I am trying to decide which of these three drives I should get, and was not sure which is the best performer overall (reading/ripping and burning, and durability).

Asus DRW-1608p3s
Pioneer DVR-111
Pioneer DVR-112

  1. Is the Asus the exact same drive as the Pioneer 111 only with different labeling, and do they perform the same?

  2. Are there any advantages at all to having the Pioneer 111 over the Asus, or Asus over the Pioneer?

  3. For those that have used the Pioneer 112, how does it compare to the 111 and the Asus in overall ability (reading/ripping and burning, durability).

We don’t know much about the 112D right now. It’s only been available for a week and has obvious problems if you check the “1st look” thread. Early firmware still, etc. IMO it’s pretty agile at reading/response coming from a person who used a Toshiba 16x DVD-ROM.