Asus V8460 ULTRA GeForce 4 Ti 4600 and problems

I dont know whats wrong with my pc, but it seems that it doesnt like my new videocard, eventhough i do :bigsmile: but the problem:

  1. When i try to play a game (GTA3, AquaNox, UT, it starts, and then after a few minutes it reboots my pc…

  2. When trying to install a clean Windows2000 or XP, at the first boot from cd, right after the drivers it loads are complete, i get a black screen with horizontal red lines, short ones, but all over the screen, and then its stuck.

What could this be ?

Tnx in advance,


Maybe I can answer question 1.
First try the latest official nvidia drivers. If that doens’t help, it might be what I experienced some time ago.
The symptoms were the same, couldn’t do 3D-stuff for long.
The cause was BIOS had “forgot” what speed the CPU was. So I changed that and everything worked fine.

No idea on nr 2 though…

I think thats sound´s like broken RAM ,try another RAM !

Some of the manufacturers of the print do not cut the print circuit boards correctly so that a lot of (diagonal) space is between agp connector and the tracks on the print (your vga card).

a remedy might be to remove the card and reinsert it firmly , check if all the entire print dissapears in the connector. if not , use (very carefully !) some tool (nail file , sandpaper) to remove some of the (diagonal) space and try again… again … be very very careful with that.