Asus unveils new multi burner the DRW-1608P3S with 5x RAM

I just posted the article Asus unveils new multi burner the DRW-1608P3S with 5x RAM.

We have
an ever increasing interest around here with these “super-multi” drives. It
seems like the faster they make this RAM capability, the more it becomes a
wanted feature. Well, here is…

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Their Latest Rom, Asus 616A. Is the best drive i have ever tried by a long way. With CRC correction ripping the best i have ever saw. Ripping disks that i honestly thought were coasters. Is their burner in the same league? Anyone have any reviews comparing it to a NEC and Benq?

asus DRW-1608P3S = pioneer 111 I have bought a 160802= pio 110 a few montsh ago, the firmware of drw 1608P2 is not well uptated as pio 110 so asus for optical storage is not serious for me :frowning: we can crossflash but we lost the warrantly

Even with a name like Asus, you really cant expect BIOS support of an OEM product as good as the real McCoy, can you? :wink: