Asus unveils DiGiMatrix PC that looks like a Hi-Fi separate

I just posted the article Asus unveils DiGiMatrix PC that looks like a Hi-Fi separate.

Asus have introduced its latest barebones PC, the DiGi Matrix, but looks like Hi-Fi separate rather than a PC. It is designed to combine various Hi-Fi and Video separates in one…

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Phuny was just trying to figure out what kind of puter to build so i can just play mp3s from the sterio system downstairs without having the main pc on - i think this little unit will work just fine :wink: would luv if u guys would keep diggin up info on this little unit cause im very interested in it and would like to see a review on it by u. :g Q

SOLD! This looks fantastic.

It looks like crap. :r

Looks great. Wonder if it is as great in use as it looks.

I wonder if that integrated video card is any good. Other than that this is really nice. :slight_smile: I can’t find any more info at Asus other than a press release. It does mention that it is only 30 db and you can listen to radio, cd or mp3 without booting. cool. A couple more pictures and a little info at xbit labs.
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Useless for gaming though with some crappy built in Graphics card. Why oh why dont they find the room for an agp slot :frowning: Then it might have a chance of getting rid f the gaming console box too