Asus to stop ODD production?



I just posted the article Asus to stop ODD production?.

According to a news story published at DigiTimes, Asus could suspend the production of optical disc drives (ODD) because of the OEM contract with Pioneer will be expiring soon and there is no…

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Hmmmz, that is ODD!


Crabbyappleton wrote " Hmmmz, that is ODD!" Nice play on Word Crab…LoL


it’s funny. i know asus makes optical drives but i never see them in people’s computers. i see mostly lg, lite-on, or pioneer. i think they get most of their cash from selling motherboards and videocards anyway, so i doubt it’s a big deal for them.


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I was actually getting ready to buy another dvdE616A I wonder if I shouldn’t now because support will also stop won’t it.


The Asus drives are actually quite good, but they are just rebadged Pioneers. They dont actually manufacter then as far as I understand? Regardless, they are good drives and mostly gamers buy them I have found in my area anyhow.

I’ll just purchase the pioneers straight-up, no big loss. :wink: