Asus SDRW-08DIS-U or Samsung SE-S084C?

I am looking for a external slim line dvd burner for my Asus netbook recently purchased at Christmas.
I am looking for one that can be set to DVD-Rom and does not have rip lock.
I have been using a Benq 162I with my toshiba notebook for awhile and it functions very well, however I now need a portable model to take with me. The netbook is xpsp3.
I would appreciate comments from experienced members as it has been sometime since I purchased a burner and technology changes fast.
Thank you.


all slim drives are mediocre at best, when burn quality matters.
Additionally, all drives that do not have their own power supply violate the USB specs, so they must not necessarily work with your own computer.


I know the post is 3 weeks old :o

But…this an Optiarc AD-7590A burn, (fw 1.05) verbatim MCC004 (PAP6), 8x speed

Same discs, same speed, Pioneer DVR-KD08 drive (fw 1.00) :

Not too bad for slim dirves, isn’t it ? :stuck_out_tongue: