Asus Sdrw-0806t-d Usb Problem


My ACER 4001 does not recognise ASUS SDRW-0806T-D external wheni connect it to USB port. I’ve got both 2.0 and 1.0 versions.

It did recognise it when I connected it to 1394 but it’s broken so i need to plug it into USB port.

Does anyone have any idea why my ACER does not recognise the drive?

Thanks in advance,


Probably this is ASUS/mobo related.
You may have to search for an mobo BIOS update provided by ASUS.

What the mobo thinf? Do you mean I probably will have to install new ASUS firmware??

Sorry I got it… Motherboard bios. But I don;t think i’ve got ASUS motherboard on my ACER 4001.

Normally USB drives work with “plug’n pray” techniques.
It could be that the motherboard BIOS requires an update to fix some issues with the USB connectors. :wink: