I am about to buy a SATA DVD drive. My previous dvd burner was Moserbaer Liteon…which BTW absolutely SUCKED. It went kaput in about 8 months! I wanted to ask for the expert opinion here:bow:. Based on longevity and performance (minimum coasters) which would be the best, Asus or LG (as the only other option is Samsung in my city, and I won’t buy Samsung)?

I have an Asus M2NMX-SE PLUS motherboard, AMD x2 4200+ processor and 2 gigs of DDR2 ram.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Can you specify which model LG? I’d be inclined at first blush to go for the LG, but it’d be nice to know which model you’re looking at :slight_smile:

Shame you won’t consider Samsung - their 20x/18x drives are excellent IMO.

I would have to Agree with Arachne, I have an LG DH16A3L DVD/CD-RW 16x burner in one of my systems and a Samsung 203b 20x DVD/CDRW burner and I have been getting consistant burns on Verbatim 16x DVD’s with them both.

I’m keeping an open mind :slight_smile: I was thinking of Asus’s DRW-20B1LT or DRW-2014L1T. Which LG model is the best? What do you people suggest? I’ve had some direct and indirect bad experiences with Samsung (including their dvd player!), that’s the reason for me not considering them. Lg’s got the edge over Asus then?

The Asus models you have suggested are not true Asus drive, and IIRC they are rebadged Lite-On’s (20A6 series)

The 2014L1T is a true Asus design using MediaTek chipset (Pioneer had rebadged it too), whereas the new 20B1LT is a LiteOn clone.

What’s a “Moserbaer” LiteOn?

[QUOTE=KTL;2194342]What’s a “Moserbaer” LiteOn?[/QUOTE]… and I’m sad to say they even meddled with the firmware so you can’t flash it! It is one sad piece of equipment that gave trouble from day 1:rolleyes:! My model was MOSER BAER DH-20A4P with Firmware Version: 9M71

Is there any other sata model of Asus that’s recently in circulation (not any re-badged one)?

And I forgot to ask, these are all Lightscribe models, which non-LS models would you suggest, as I don’t have that much use for Lightscribe feature.

The drive is still a DH-20A4P with an OEM firmware of 9M71. Did you try flashing a 9P5x firmware using the Flash Utility found here? But make sure you backup the original firmware first as well as the EEPROM using the utility here.

As for the Asus models, the 2014S1T and 20B1ST are all SATA drives without LightScribe.

Thanx people! You’ve helped a lot. I’ll let you know after the buy. Have to buy a PSU too, the smps fan’s making really strange rattling noises!

If you can flash your drive with the Litey firmware (after making the necessary backups KTL suggested), you should have a pretty good drive on your hands without having to buy a new one. :wink:

Bonus is, you get a great quality scanner for DVDs :wink:

Will try that surely. bt my hunch is its a goner. Its really behaving wildly, and churning out coasters consistently!!

You’d be amazed at the difference another firmware can make :wink:

If you do end up grabbing a new drive, let us know what you get and what it’s like :slight_smile:

Sure thing:)
I’ll let you in on the development.:iagree:

Bought DRW-20B1ST , reviews folks?
Anything I should do to activate the extra features (Optimal Tuning Strategy, Flextraspeed etc)? the asus page describes it as the “(X MULTI+LightScribe)”, what does it mean?? I thought that this was a non-LScribe version.

Posting the first dvd burn Log (Nero 8). Chime in if you think that I should change any settings or things like that.

Log.txt (11 KB)

What is this utility? Just thinking, never heard of it before…

I can’t upgrade DRW-20B1ST’s firmware officially, but why???

[QUOTE=pozzo;2201031]I can’t upgrade DRW-20B1ST’s firmware officially, but why???[/QUOTE]

Nice burn log - as long as your burn completes successfully, I wouldn’t worry about the “KEY_ILLEGAL_REQUEST” thing, my Sammy 182D (IDE) does it all the time with successful burns :wink:

About the firmware: what revision are you trying to update to, and how are you going about it (I don’t know much about Asus firmware, is it just a regular .exe file?).

Flashing in Safe Mode might be an idea - I do that myself just to reduce the amount of stuff running in the background.