Asus`s flextraspeed?

hi. I want to know If the asus 32x writer have flextraspeed?
thank you

Yes it does.

Multi-functions: 32x Writing/ 12x Rewriting/ 40x Reading

Swift data recording: burn a CD in 3 2/3 minutes

FlextraLinkâ„¢ to prevents Buffer Underrun Errors

FlextraSpeedâ„¢ for optimal recording speed

Superior Stability with DDSS II (2nd Generation Double Dynamic Suspension System)

Unique Dust Proof design

Overburn up to 99 minutes

High-Speed Digital audio extraction and VCD Data Extraction supported

User friendly audio play/skip track from front panel button

Vertical/ Horizontal mounting available

Windows XP supported

Multi-Format support and O/S compatibility

Support DAO-RAW, TAO, DAO, SAO, Multi-Session, and Packet Write

which media is the best for writing???

Taiyo Yuden is best for Lite-Ons, and this drive also uses the same mediatek chipset associated with Lite-Ons. There is a good chance TY is the best for this drive.

TY media also worked very well with my writers from Plextor, Yamaha, Mitsumi, Samsung, Acer, etc. (as well as LiteOn.)

does it work in nero,fireburner,alcohol,clonecd,cdmate,discjuggler?

This is assuming you’re using the latest versions of everything
Nero - Yes
Fireburner - Not really, you can only choose 1x (4x) or max. But it hasn’t been updated in a year or so. Also a problem with 48125w though
Alcohol - Yes
CloneCD - Yes
CDMate - Seems to support it partially. I installed the demo to see since I don’t own this, it detected rewrite speed as 1x (?) and write speed as 52x.
Discjuggler - Yes

how with Clonecd and Alcohol?
Alcohol said it doesn`t support flextraspeed.
clonecd: with what option?
what is the simulation button for?
I know how with nero.
but only Clonecd and Alcohol is a problem.

Flextraspeed is like smartburn - it chooses the best speed based on the media you use. All those programs support the drive.

should I use max in the writing speed setting when I want to backup a game or not?

Some games require slower writing speeds to write. You shouldn’t exceed the speed rating for the media though