Asus releases its first 32x CDRW drive

I just posted the article Asus releases its first 32x CDRW drive.

As we all know, faster and faster CDRW drives are entering the market faster and faster.
Some companies have already been releasing 32x CDRW drives and now Asus followes.

Some info on the…

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I don’t think a faster drive is currently a reason for people to upgrade anymore, the capabilities of the drive are. How can the drive handle SD2 protections, read subchannel data/audio, how is the DAE speed, what is the number of errors produced when burning…things like that become more important for people when upgrading the CD-RW. Personally I don’t give a hoot for these things, all i care is writing Audio backups for my car stereo and backing up data from my harddrive, but lots of CD Freakers here are more helped with the circumvention of copy protections rather than the speed it can burn at :wink: DVD writing is becoming popular slowly. Hoping to find good reviews on that subject here…

Faster harder better ?? Give me some SCSI over here !!

It’s exactly like I predicted on here just under a year ago. CDRW’s are taking the same path as cdroms and no one cares about the speeds anymore. They’ve got to a point where they’re fine. My drive is a 12x and to be honest I’m not planning to replace it till it dies, especially because it was the last SCSI drive that plextor made. 6 minutes is fast enough for me, anyone who NEEDS 2 minute burning times is a freak and really needs to learn the fine art of chilling. Hopefully though, once plextor reach the top speeds for their burners, they will realise they dont need to carry on trying to make them faster and faster and so will eventually release a SCSI model as it wont really become outdated, they can make it and just keep selling it for ages without having to waste tons of money continuing to research new SCSI models.

Same here , also got the latest plextor SCSI drive , and 'cause plextor has no plans to make SCSI drives in the future i’ll stick to mine