Asus releases CRW-4816A: 48X/16X/48X CD-RW drive

I just posted the article Asus releases CRW-4816A: 48X/16X/48X CD-RW drive.

In this thread on the our forum Dw2k informs us that Asus has released information on their website about their CRW-4816A.

This latest drive of Asus has the promising speeds of 48x CD-R…

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you know, bakc int he 1x burn days, its was a HUGE improvement to get 2x burn. instead of 74 min, it took HALF that time. its been a less and less of an improvement since. what i WOULD like to see improved is the seek time of cds…

I’m curious about it’s SD2 capabilities! :9

Its about time they stopped speeding up CDRs and worked on getting rewritables up to speed. They do have 16x RWs but only if you buy expensive high speed disks. Otherwise, you’re stuck at 4x.