Asus QuieTrack slogan contest: Win an Asus DRW-0804P DVD-R drive



I just posted the article Asus QuieTrack slogan contest: Win an Asus DRW-0804P DVD-R drive.

  Asus America  has put up a slogan contest for their QuieTrack drives. The Asus QuieTrack  drives are designed to be as silent as possible and according to the Asus  website they can make...
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Lemme guess yes I was right. Contest is open to only to legal residents of the United States, United States territories and Canada. At least the american zenophobia excludes canadians. But that doesn’t help me as I’m an Aussie!


I wonder why that is? No purchase is necessary and they are giving something away. Does someone know? It kinda sucks if you ask me.


Well at least in Finland you have to pay taxes for things you win unless the company that gives it to you pays the taxes, or that’s how I’ve understoon things here. Also shipping a drive abroad costs a bit more, and can in the end (if the drive for some reason needs service) be hard for both parts. But there might be bigger differences/problems with some countries and just to make things easy companys do lame things like this. I sure would love to even try to get one drive :c


Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve heard you must make this drive master…if you don’t it makes itself master and tries to take over your computer…:X