ASUS question, PLZ HEELP!

I have an Asus Writer 52/32/52 (crw-5232as) retail, and since i puted in my computer, the hdd led indicator is flashing continously, evry second. I have also a mobile rack, but without an hdd inside, and the hdd led indicator from this rack is flashing too; and when i burn some cds, this led from the rack it stays open all the time.Maybe the hdd isn’t working, but why the led is flashing?

please help me, and if i 'll change the writer drive with an other, exact model, it’s possible that it does the same?


i had other cd writer drives but they weren’t like this one, the led was off (off course when there were no hdd transferrs)

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Does this happen ALL the time? Maybe the computer is trying to find something…

10x , it’s good to be here

yes…it’s happnin ALL the time…it’s something about the ide controller i guess,the led is on but the hdd is idle…i don’t know


If you put your ear next to it, can you hear the drive seeking, or is it just blinking?

it’s just blinking,i don’t hear anythin’…the hdd led is blinking, the writer led (both of them) are off …

you need to check your drive setups and make sure that if the asus is on the same ribbon as another device one of them is master and the other is slave.

I remember if you connected a floppy drive incorrectly, the light would permenatly stay on. See if everything is connected correctly.

i’ve checked the cables, jumpers, they are ok. Well, i have my hdd on the primary IDE, and the writer (master) and an empty mobile rack on the secondary IDE…i’ve checked the connections, it’s all ok