Asus P5B-E plus with Intel Q6600?

Hello there!
I would like to make a pcu upgrade. Now i have Core2duo E6300, (1.86ghz, 1066 mhz FSB, 65nm) but it would be nice to upgrade it to Core2Quad Q6600. (2.4ghz, 1066mhz FSB 65nm) The question is, is my motherboard compatible for this cpu? (Asus P5B-E plus, P965 chipset)

It looks like it will since it supports the newer 45nm Quads. You might need a BIOS update. Here’s a link:

Like UTR said, you should definitly load the latest bios. Since the Q6600 uses a lot of power I would suggest getting some stick-on heatsinks for the mosfets surrounding the cpu.

Thermaltake CL-C0026 RAM Heatsink
Thermaltake CL-C0025 RAM Heatsink

Just make sure you clean the mosfets with isopropyl alcohol prior to installing the heatsinks.