Asus P4T533C Question about video cards

My question to anyone that might know, can I install a x1950xt agp video card. The P4T533C will not accept the 3.3 agp video cards but will it accept the .8 volt newer cards. The video card is keyed correctly but will it work with the reduced voltage cards??

Hi! What PSU do you have? Can it handle a X1950XT? Just checking!

I think it should work. Sometimes motherboard manufacturers can key the slot incorrectly; I am by no means 100% sure on that it will work.

This image might help:

From the AGP article at Wikipedia.


I have found the info as well but was unsure and still unsure if the .8 volt card will function with this motherboard. The power supply’s are 550 watt on both computers. I hope to find a answer that will allow me to make a decision on the video card I want. Presently I’m running a Radeon 9800 pro which works great but I’ve lost a video card on the P4P800 Deluxe and want to upgrade the other computer which is the main computer I use. So if I’m able to get either the x850xt or the x1950xt I will move the 9800 pro to the P4P800 and install the new card in the P4T533C. Thanks for your reply, but I’m still unsure???

You’re welcome…I’m only afraid that it might burn out the motherboard/GPU because of the voltage difference…


If its keyed correctly it should work (in theory) although I doubt you’ll be able to fully use a X1950XT on that setup.

Actually, at this point I don’t recommend using the X1950XT (nor would I recommend anything above a 9550 series) on such an old motherboard (P4T533C). Any CPU that’s installed on that motherboard will seriously limit the performance of that card, as that motherboard does not officially support any of the 800MHz FSB CPU’s (the FSB is officially limited to 533MHz, which is actually a quad-pumped 133MHz FSB). And RDRAM does not overclock particularly well. And its AGP speed is limited to 4x, whereas your other motherboard is faster (AGP 8x, official 800MHz FSB support).

And no, using an 0.8V AGP card in a 1.5V slot will not harm either card or slot; unless that card supports 1.5V signaling, the card will simply not work at all on that motherboard. On the other hand, using a 3.3V-only card in a 1.5V-only slot will result in a burned-out card and slot (assuming that the card physically fits into the slot).

It seems practically universal for 8x AGP / 0.8v to be implemented as an extension to 4x / 1.5v working. There is possibly no alternative to 4x/8x 1.5/0.8v, as most 8x motherboards have a fallback option of 4x.

Can’t find it now, but pretty sure 8x is actually defined as 1.5v with 0.8v signalling thresholds.