Asus P4P800-VM sound issue

Ok here’s my problem.

When listening to the music (mp3, CD-A) I can hear a little pops (or cracks if you like) randomly spread over the sound coming out of my speakers. Nothing is wrong with mp3s I’m sure of that. Very close to a sound of a bad vinyl record! Pops come across every 20-30 seconds or so.

My sound card is SoundMAX integrated on Asus P4P800-VM motherboard. I’ve updated the drivers and that didn’t help.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Well this solved the problem. :slight_smile:

[I]27 How do I stop the crackling/clicking sound when I play MP3 (or other audio) files?

There is a bug on some computers where there is a faint clicking or crackling sound when playing audio. This can often be fixed by going into the mixer and muting the Bass Boost (or just turn the volume of Bass Boost all the way down). If you don’t see Bass Boost in the mixer, look at the Properties area of the mixer and make sure the checkbox is checked for Bass Boost.

Another possible fix for this problem is to go into the mixer and lower the volume of the “wave” slider. You can then increase the volume on your speakers to bring the listening volume back up again.

By the way, SoundMAX requires DirectX 8.1 or greater. You can download DirectX from the Microsoft website.[/I]

Found here.