Asus p4c800E deluxe - performance increase with more memory?



I also have a asus p4c800E deluxe as do many others who comment or ask questions. Ques is…in 2005 purchased expensive ram…2gb…running front side bus a 400mhz…its decision.
Now the price for an 800 mhz front side bus is about 80% lower, allowing buying faster/larger memory. Will there be a noticeable increase in overall performance? It may be better to go for a 2012 hard drive that is faster (and 80%) cheaper than the original 2005, 200GB drives. Will be buying a new system if this dies. Have actually thousands of dollars of software that in all likelihood could never be reinstalled on another system…due to the non-support old software receives. Should have kept notes on what was planned for this system. Never planned on having to retire early either.
Have not really read any reports of actual increase in performance. It must be faster. But is the increase in performance only say 5%? Biggest use of system use microsoft office pro and of course browsing forums. Thanks in advance. Myce has great information for the Padawans.


I’d ask myself, “What else do I want to accomplish with this computer? What service can it NOT provide, and what service (software) do I use now that can’t be used in the future?”

You may find SOME applications benefit from 4Gb of RAM instead of 2Gb, and if you can make money off of this computer - if it’s a work computer that generates products and services to sell - then maybe it’s worth spending money on.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t spend a dime. Even $5 spent on this unit is $5 that can’t be spent on a new computer.

This Asus board supports a lot of IDE drives, it has some SATA connectors, too. In MY world, I’d think, “Hey - a great conversion machine! Anyone who has an old IDE drive that needs to transfer files to SATA Drives - they can hire me to do that for them because I have THIS computer!”

This will be more rare in the future, and the services will be just as useful. I’d keep the machine around, in good working order, for a long time. It’s not just a dust collector/door stop. But I wouldn’t spend any money except maybe to replace the power-supply if it gave out - those can be transferred to a new unit!

But for you? What services or software do you use constantly on it? Do you make money from it? I’d consider the unique services it offers, not the hardware. And I’d definitely find a few products that I ‘needed’ before I’d spend any money. This old Asus has some very unique qualities as a conversion machine, though, but it can perform those services without spending any additional money.


I can see your point. On the other hand…ram modules are $19-$25 not $200-$400 (the reason I have 2GB).
A less then 500gb drive that is faster then the installed… is a bit higher then the modules, but maybe less than $70. Total cost around $170. But, in truth, $5.00 is money that be spent on a new, faster, machine.
$450 can buy a new desktop and perhaps a new, name brand laptop. Will the XP microsoft office pro run on Windows 8? It would require buying a new Mathcad program. Perhaps letting fate decide is a good idea…It will fail eventually. Saving some money now, monthly, until then, seems to be a best bet.
I would have spent in 2005 over $300 to have 4GB. Now I can buy an economical carry around for the same price. Times change and in truth the return on investment is much higher.
I was thinking in 2005 time not 2012… Time to get with the program.
Wonder thet in 7 years the cost of a great laptop eill be $250?
Hope so. Thanks for the eye opener.


I haven’t stepped down to OfficeXP on Win8, but I did load Office2003 on it successfully. I have a feeling XP will probably work OK, but ?? there’s no good test except “doing it”, alas.

We are keeping XP boxes up and running because some of the software is GREAT and “newer versions” castrate out the useful services. Those wouldn’t be upgrades AT ALL, therefore - just newer, shinier things that don’t do as much but cost more! “Why bother?!! What’s the REAL purpose - just spending money?!!”

When I’ve taken a 2Gb RAM XP machines into 4Gb, I can ‘feel’ the difference for a few days. After that, no. It might be 5% ‘faster’ at times, or 10%, but only for Loading Software moments, or Save moments. But few if any other moments. How productive am I being when I am constantly “loading new software”? Uh. Not very. I CAN be productive doing SAVEs. But how often? Ten times an hour? Fifty times? Well, I wouldn’t be doing MUCH work if I was saving so often.

So “Save Time Benefits” are rather minimized, as well.

When you mentioned MathCAD, then I’m thinking, “So, does the newest version of it make 2 plus 2 equal - uh - something better?” No. It probably has been re-written to benefit from multi-cores better, but how much? If you’re making $200 an hour of those results, perhaps saving 5 minutes out of 60 is ‘significant’ but I’d consider those additional revenues compared to the new MathCAD costs.

Plus, if my computer was a moneymaker or used for productivity, I might hold off on a move to Win8 for months and see IF you start hearing “Win9 news”. Win9 will probably want a new MathCAD as well - or, at least “will benefit from a new version”.

There were public discussions of “Win7” within a few months of Vista’s delivery, and obviously Microsoft has teams working on Win10 and Win 11 now (probably more distant ones, too), and while Microsoft might complain about these “leaks” as injuring their immediate revenues, Microsoft Customers might thank them by saying, “At least you didn’t make us spend the same dollar twice - now, we can spend two good dollars instead of one bad one.”

For Developers, they don’t just spend a few dollars. They spend hundreds and thousands of hours, and the folks that had to develop Vista-drivers were very unhappy with Vista’s performance problems. They may have held the whips to speed up Win7’s delivery, in fact - we see “Vista-Win7 drivers” all lumped together for SOME reason. And that’s the developers’ behind that.

As for laptops… I haven’t seen a lot of changes in prices, and that’s odd. An i5 notebook was going for $450-600 in their first year of delivery and, now, 3-4 years later, I can open the ads and see “i5 - $450-600” still, and their speeds are all basically the same, too.

The notebook market seems to have set itself in concrete, almost. The low-end is $250-450, too, with i3s taking the high-end and everything else (1.3gz dual cores!) taking the low-ends.

That’s really the battleground of typists. “Do you want to type and do productive work, or do you want to sit back and be spoon-fed entertainment?”


I remember reading reviews and statements in forums about speed increases do to upgrades. They did not mention percentages however…So maybe it was noticeable for a while and not so much in the following weeks.
This alone suggests that unless the upgrade is a significant increase in throughput, it is not worth it. Lately the most time consuming thing is rotating and cropping 24 MB pictures from weddings and family reunions. This is slow as can be, But it may not have a throughput problem to drive and there are not low memory alerts, so, it may be running long due to size of file. You can take a picture of a crowd, crop it several times, to get mom and Dad. The family and friends Etc. separated from crowd and still maintain very high detail.
Looks like a new apple product with their 75% off movie making software might be a good choice. The software was used in the making of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. Run XP and the other XP programs on the other partition. Maybe I will get my friends Apple Macbook pro when she upgrades (buys new) . Even Apples have age problems and the machine is for client taxes. If I did not confer a Myce I would have or could have wasted of course good money. Buying a solid state drive would increase performance of the Apple at a future time when as we all know the prices will be lower and speeds faster still. In just 7 or 8 years a cutting edge high speed product is now just a browser. Amazing… Thanks…and I mean it, for showing me the reality of the situation. Hope Santa is nice to all of you. Toodles.


You’ve got some good examples in there - “noticeable at first, then later, not”.

The Size of File issue can be improved with ‘complete’ upgrades - double processor speed, quadruple memory, etc - but as soon as I’ve speeded up my 20Mb pix handling, I start taking 40Mb pix! Du-uh… “Gee - it’s slow again!!” Du-uh…

Like Roseanne Rosanna Danna once said, “It’s always something.”

I can hardly wait until Windows is “50% faster”.


I miss RRD, glad you brought up a good memory, thanks.
Read an article that stated a Asus P4C800E deluxe with 4x1GB of memory would provide 3-3.5 gigs of memory because of several different items using that memory space. Also since these are not pat of the memory module itself, the memory configuration would default to 333/320 Mhz, not 400 Mhz. If that is true the machine would run slower when more then 2GiGs of memory is installed. No other source of info I have found (not a detective) has confirmed or denied the statement and Asus does not discuss legacy items. Did not find any information that an increase of memory has ever increased the speed of the machine. It is helpful if you have “out of memory errors” when running a demanding program. So it appears that a new memory type with faster speeds, then your present memory, will allow your system to achieve increased performance. I now believe the increase will be, at the most, 3% due to all of the other devices, their protocols and system demands.
The 50 % faster viewpoint was interesting. Their was a program that would announce itself and then you were to start within the minute or you would receive a challenge. Then after another time period ended the game would start…at about PacMan speed. It ran on “86” at maybe 1 Mhz. On the 50 Mhz 486 machine…you pressed start and before you could release the key…the game was over. When the game should up later on say Pentium levels…you could play the game normally… Techs who have Microsoft (expensive) level knowledge state that the software displays the information after a user comfortable time. This also allows the software to do more and do more difficult things or retrievals…without the user noticing a difference in throughput. I tend to believe this. He He 50 % faster…you are a kidder.
I just got the the 24m photo camera and you have 40Mb files.!? What are you using. Also a card reader is very useful. Mine camera needs a specific program to download. So… if you want to give your friend pics of ‘the’ wedding…you cannot because of the lack of software on that machine…one that may not allow that program to operate ( sounds like al-Qaeda/microsoft conspiracy) the SD card reader however, does not need software. Anyone who says 3Tb is unneccessary for anyone…does not have a digital camera, music library for 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1…whatever, or friends to share photos with.

Through ranting. What SSD should I get for the hand-me-down MacBook Pro 17"?
Just kidding…Bigben2